Helping the Helpless

Pet Pause Promise

Our mission goes well beyond the cash register. We have always been avid volunteers at shelters, particularly kill shelters. While all shelters do wonderful work adopting adoptable pets, there is nothing more heart-wrenching to an animal lover than to know there is a ticking clock. We partner with nearby county shelters such as Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Care and Control (CMACC) and Gaston County Animal Control. Sadly, both are kill-shelters. But it has and always will be a core part of our mission to help the most helpless.

Hang with a Friend

Respite Days

At Pet Pause, we also have ‘respite days’ where dogs from the shelters that are dog/people friendly can come hang out for a day away. We are selling shirts with a portion of the proceeds going to an organization that adopt dogs from kill shelters and train them to be PTSD service dogs for Veterans. We are big supporters of Dog is Good® for Patriots and Cammies & Canines.

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"We love connecting with other pet owners and sharing ways to improve the health and happiness of these wonderful animals"

—Alison C., Pet Pause Co-owner


Special Programming

Last, but certainly not least, education and special programming also are a core component of the Pet Pause Promise. Did you know that healthy pet food may seem expensive, but prolong your animal’s life and can ultimately be cheaper in the long run due to ingredients? And, while Pit Bulls have a bum rap, they were actually bred, initially in England, to be nanny dogs. Yes, some have been greatly mistreated, but it’s also in their blood to protect. We are committed to take on an array of educational topics and host special events for the love of animals.

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